Dimplex A Class

Dimplex A Class Heatpump

All heatpumps require servicing by your service engineer every 18 months in order to operate safely and efficiently.

18 Month Service Checklist

  1. Recharge pressure vessels
  2. Top up system pressure and bleed air from buffer
  3. Add heating chemical to the system
  4. Clean strainer (filter)
  5. Review energy bills for previous 18 months
  6. Check user interface settings based on previous energy bills
  7. Check system settings based on previous energy bills
  8. Log service call on heatamech heatpump service database
  9. Software update

On your first service your engineer will review all heating controls on the system and ensure that wiring is BS7671 compliant. Your engineer will advise you on any changes required to improve the compliance and efficiency of your heatpump.

Once compliance has been established your engineer will undertake the 9 point service checklist above.